Best Product

24 Oct 2023



It is proved globally that a multiple technology based solution is always more potent for tackling tampering and counterfeiting issues. Hence our RND decided to pool in all our resources and different technologies into the development of a single product that employs diverse security technologies to come up with a truly security seal-SEMAX, a culmination of multiple technologies to maximize your security against tampering and duplicity. Broadly the various features of the SEMAX can be categorized into overt (Visible) and covert (invisible) and whether they can be incorporated in the hologram or the seals as under:



Tamper Evidence, Running Serial, Barcode, Different Effect, Magic Ink, OVD (Optical Variable Devices), IDL (Information in Different Levels),Flip-Flop, rotating Image, OVI(Optical Variable Ink) can be incorporated as overt features.


Also QR code and other surface printing in different colour on holographic Label can be added as additional look.




 Hidden Feature, Metal Sensitive Ink, Information after Scratching, Hidden invisible Ink, Heat Sensitive Ink, Nano Text, Ultra Violate Coding/ Numbering, Laser Readable Images, Micro Text, Hidden Image or text, acute Angle text and anti photocopy feature can be incorporated as cover features